Marriage is a sacrament of the Church, given by God, and the decision to marry is one of the most important choices in anyone’s life.

The Church teaches that marriage is a life-long partnership between one man and one woman, established by God and ordered to the well-being of the spouses and to the procreation and education of children.

When asking to be married in the Catholic Church you are accepting the Christian and Catholic understanding of marriage:

  • Marriage is an exclusive and indissoluble union.
  • Spouses have an obligation to one another of faithfulness, mutual love and support.
  • Spouses must be open to the possibility that God will bless their marriage with children.

A marriage is formed when a man and a woman freely and irrevocably give and accept one another as husband and wife, according to the rites and laws of the Church. God joins the spouses together in an irrevocable covenant, and gives them His grace to help them love one another and be open to the possibility of having a family.

Please note: The Catholic Church requires a minimum of six months notice to arrange and prepare a couple for marriage

Setting a date

If you are planning to get married here at Our Lady and Saint Joseph Church, arranging a date and time for your wedding ceremony is always done in consultation with the priest. Please do not make arrangements for a wedding reception or other events before speaking to the priest, as the parish diary may not be able to accommodate your request for a particular date and time. This is a busy parish, so it is best to contact one of the priests as soon as possible.

Weddings in our parish are normally held on Saturdays at either 2pm or 3pm.

Marrying elsewhere?

If you live in this parish but wish to marry elsewhere, you must still contact one of the priests. It is the responsibility of the priests in Kingsland to prepare paperwork for all couples who live within the parish boundary, regardless of where the wedding will actually take place.